Flying Home

July 26, 2014 Finally. It’s been over two years, but I’m finally going back today. I’m still new to flying and so I had a bit of an adventure getting my luggage figured… Continue reading

Shenandoah Falls

As I’m finding out this semester, hiking/backpacking trips are the only times that I’m taking photos. The rest of the time I get caught up in school life and forget how much I… Continue reading


Friday the thirteenth. Thirteens have always been pretty good for me, tho I might be biased because I was born on one.

Intro to new Foods

I’d never had mulberries before this summer. Apparently they’re actually edible. And about as good as blackberries. “Psshh, what. Did you think they grew on trees?” Turns out I misconstrued an order not to eat something… Continue reading

Lovely Rose

Beauty is found in all walks of life. Literally too, as I was on a walk around town when I found this particular beauty. Lucky me that I didn’t walk right past it.… Continue reading

Color on the Steps

Second day of classes went well. I’m surprised at how comfortable I am with being on the teaching side of things here at college. I’m hoping to become a teacher after I graduate… Continue reading

Self Portrait

Queen Anne’s lace makes for a nice extra in a photo. I had an assignment in photo class this spring: shoot a roll of film of just self portraits. Not selfies, but honest to… Continue reading

Welcome Home

Home at Bucknell again. I’ve been away far too long; no excuses, I got distracted by life, and daily photos took a back seat. Now that I’m back home, where my photography took off… Continue reading

Robin in the Snow

Three snow days this week. And tomorrow I’m visiting a college, so out of my three days of class this week, I have none. It’s getting a bit ridiculous. My dad was joking… Continue reading


Snow yesterday, snow today, and blimey if it don’t look like snow tomorra! Either my age is showing or I’ve never been this keen on attending class, but I honestly hope that I… Continue reading

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